he first experience of anything is always memorable, and so was ours at Automotive dealer day. Our participation at the first Automotive Dealer Day began on 14th-Sep-2021 and ended on 16th-Sep-2021.

About the Fair:

Automotive Dealer Day is the gathering point for operators in the automotive distribution sector. Dealers, manufacturers, business people, and companies get together for better business opportunities. 

A chance for discussion in an independent context to open up your mind to new challenges and opportunities. And, this was the first opportunity for us to showcase our solutions for car rental businesses.

What made the fair special for us?

The specialty of the fair was the interaction with the locals. It was fantastic to finally greet those we already knew live, and it was of fundamental importance to get to know new realities.

Understanding your point of view on the rental business, hearing your needs and sharing our solutions was a moment of great importance and mutual exchange.


On September 15th we organized the seminar “3 winning strategies for car dealers for success in the car rental sector”. In the event

  • We have analyzed the 5 + 1 keys to start a rental business from scratch (from 0 to 100 vehicle)

  • We explored the 3+1 strategies for growing from 100 vehicles to thousands

  • We introduced the ebook “The 4 pillars of the car rental business”

During the event, Flavio Actis from Mercedes Financial services and Franco Tomasi from Noleggiare shared their experiences expanding their business using MyRent.

The event was sold out and it’s available in streaming from here:

About MyRent:

MyRent is rental business management software designed for car rentals and car dealerships who want to digitize and automate the rental business, manage their fleet and help expand their business.


MyRent includes many features which include:

  • Providing easy check-in and check-out.

  • OTP signature

  • Digital signature

  • KPI

  • Fleet management

  • Integration with online booking portals, And many other functions.

Our Team at the Fair